Zac Weinstein is a Actor, Producer, Filmmaker from Baltimore, MD. Using his background in business and entrepreneurship, Zac engulfed himself in the entertainment industry very quickly and has become involved in a multitude of different projects as both an actor and producer.

 In March 2016, Zac co - founded a series of events named, "Indiewood Media”, an event geared towards networking and connecting people within the entertainment industry. Since moving to LA and teaming up with production partner Andrew Vogel, the two have highly expanded on that idea, recreating it as the “The Weinstein Exclusive”. Zac and Andrew are set to co-host the next event this summer in Beverly Hills. 

In April of 2016, Zac wrote, directed and produced his first short film A PIERCING SILENCE, with Emmy Award winning producer Vincent De Paul. The short won the Silver Award at the Hollywood Film Competition, and took home the award for best cinematography in March of 2017. Later in 2016, Zac signed on to produce, MY BROTHERS KEEPER. After wrapping the feature, Zac made the move from NYC to LA and began production on A BEVERLY HILLS CHRISTMAS 2, serving as both a producer and a principal supporting role in the film. In 2017 Zac has committed to the feature films, COLD READ ($6 million budget), as a producer and supporting roles and JENA SIX ($18 million budget), with Roger Donaldson attached as director, and Gary Oldman in a leading role. Zac also has starred in 2 short films this year, both set to hit the festival circuit later this month. In the past 2 months, Zac has committed to be the lead in 3 other films slated for principal photography in late 2017/early 2018.

Zac is talented upcoming actor whose talents are only surpassed by his will to be great. He is driven, persistent, highly motivated, and confident in his abilities as both a producer and an actor. 

"Overworking for something you don't want is called stress, overworking for something you love is called passion"